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A Story within a Story

A STORY WITHIN A STORY”  is about writing stories within the theme of BLACK SUN.

A dialogue with many stories of many people and the artist.
People from all walks are invited to

write stories/poems/dialogues/scripts/conversations/lyrics or draw & illustrate,anything one would want to express, people are invited to continue where others have left,or come back and finish what they have expressed or just write few sentences or words.

Online submissions can be in audio,video, text or images.

The project is part of  SARAI 09: THE EXHIBITION at Devi Art Foundation curated by RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE. The exhibition takes its name from the Sarai Reader book series. The making of the book, Sarai Reader 09 (Projections), will accompany the exhibition.Sarai Reader 09: The Book and Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition – Adjacent platforms from which new ideas and concepts, discursive as well as aesthetic, will set off as traveling companions and find their separate yet occasionally converging itineraries.


A painful strength, invisible anti-sun, a forced source of energy, a shadow of the spiritual light, the black sun has been referenced from the oldest oral traditions of the world from the Rig Veda and one of the many Titans, Martand in sanskrit literally means a mortal egg. The significance of the Twin symbology, the conflict of the opposites and also the unity of opposites. The concept draws a parallel to Ancient Greek wisdom with many quotes of Heraclitus “The road up and the road down are the same thing”. Everything is a state of of constant flux. The observance of the change of the twin concepts, like the vedic twin sisters, Usha and Ratri (Day and Night) or the vertices of a particular frame or co-ordinates changing from one to another. “Cold Things grow hot,a hot thing cold, a moist thing withers, a parched thing is wetted.”

The reference could be extended to any plane within the capacity of the consciousness in question.

© Copyright Astha Butail